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Gauze Bandage factory
Item Name&#65306;High Quality Gauze Bandage
Main and details Pictures see attachment
Unit Prices: $0.03~0.5 / m
Basic Parameter:
products descriptionHIGH QUALITY GAUZE BANDAGE
is made of 100%cotton yarn by plain weaving and bleaching . It is white , soft and breath freely, with high absorbent capability , it is cut into small size or woven edge.widely application in medical treatment .
Material kind100% cotton Yarn is woven cotton yarn fabric with straight mesh
Yarn type40s ,36s,32s, 28s ,21s,
Threads Mesh 19x15, 24x20 , 25x17,26x18,28x18,30x20 ,28x24, 30X22, 32X28
Width2.5cm,5cm,6cm,7cm, 7.5cm,8cm,10cm,12.5cm,15cm
Immersion Time&#8804;5 SECOND
Soluble Solution in Ether&#8804;0.4%
Soluble substances in Water&#8804;0.3%
Dessication Loss&#8804;4%
Sulphidic Ashes&#8804;0.4%
Acidity or AlcalinityNon pink coloration accepted
Fluorescence of 365mmWeak violet fluorescence
Tensio-Active Substances&#8804;1mm
Starch & DextrineAbsence
Coloring MaterialAbsence
*Other dimensions, width, length, and package can be produced as per requirement
1.Sufficient bleaching and cleaning time, no primary harmful substances residue.
2.Bleaching with pure hydrogen peroxide without hypochlorous acid solution.
3.No contain any fluorescent brightener
1.all gauze bandage to ensure the average whiteness of above 83, 100 % of the cotton fiber, clean no peculiar smell, does not contain any foreign fibers. No weft oblique, no holes, no burrs.
2.all bandage packaging products without any damage, printing content without error, there is a strict validity limit.
3.all indicators of bandage are completely consistent with the description in the specification.
by sea ,air , train, express
1.Q:What’s your payment method?
Mcknight: We understand all customers always like good price and also quality bandage .
So we have 2 methods for payment : One is at sight 30days LC . Two is T/T. We prefer high prepayment for better price.
2.Q:What’s your best price please?
Mcknight : we will give you best prices as you wanting . but it must be reasonable to both sides and never lead one time cooperation . so we suggest customers can know our market situation then decide to choose normal price for long term business.
3.Q:What advise will you give all new coming customers ?
Mcknight: Don't covet cheap things and blindly trust well-known company
find a growing company and honest boss with good education background .
Total Annual Revenue:US$0.1Million - US$0.5Million
Export Percentage:5% - 10%
Main MarketsTotal Revenue (%)
Mid East23.52%
South Asia21.38%
North America16.46%
South America8.00%
Western Europe5.16%
Eastern Asia2.11%
Eastern Europe1.87%
Southern Europe1.60%
Company introduction and production pictures:
Mcknight haveGauze cutting machine, folding machine, knitting machinery and other kinds of machinery 150 sets, with an annual output of various types of gauze, abdominal pad, gauze bandage, crepe bandage, elastic bandage, plaster of paris, adhesive bandage and a series of products, a total of more than 35000000pcs. Gauze Bandage factory

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