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Square Tin Containers With Lids Free Sample
Our History
Company Profile
Company &#37435;?/span> Suzhou Hycan Holdings Co., Ltd.
Founded &#37435;?/span> 1998
IPO &#37435;?/span> 2015
Sites &#37435;?/span> 4 Printing sites
&#37435;?/span> 9 Metal can sites
&#37435;?/span> 2 Metal cap sites
&#37435;?/span> 8 Plastic can sites
Workforce &#37435;?/span> Over 1,800 employees
Orientation &#37435;?/span> High end of lube, paint & food packaging
Market Position &#37435;?/span> No. 1 in lubricate oil cans & paint cans in China
Major Customers &#37435;?/span> Industrial packaging customers: PPG, AkzoNobel, Henkel, Nippon, etc.
&#37435;?/span> Food packaging customers: McCormick, Unilever, Nestle, Royal Canin, etc.
Annual Sales &#37435;?/span> 250 Million US Dollars in 2019
Patents &#37435;?/span> 117 Patents of Invention
&#37435;?/span> 155 Patents of Utility Models
&#37435;?/span> 9 Patents of Appearance Design
Mission &#37435;?/span> To become the international leader in packaging solutions
Our Factory

Our Product
Metal can; Metal closure; Printed sheets; Tinplate components
Product Application
Lubricate oil; Paint; Canned food
Production Market
Annual Sales: 250 million USD in 2019. Square Tin Containers With Lids Free Sample

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